Expert tests 7 tricks to keep roses alive: Here’s the method that works best

Today, roses are found in full bloom for weddings, anniversaries, romantic holidays, and even as a way of saying “sorry” to a loved one who was wronged.

Red roses have stood the test of time across cultures and countries, representing ideals of beauty, love and romance.

But whether you like red, white, pink or yellow, chances are you want your roses to last as long as possible, right?

According to florists, roses last for about a week after they’re first cut.

This isn’t really long enough for me, (and probably not for most of us), so I tested out some so-called ‘tricks’ to see if they really did extend the lifetime and freshness of my roses.

I added seven different ingredients to the water the roses were in, one ingredient in each vase. Each bunch of roses was checked after a week to see how well (or badly) the ingredient had worked.

The ingredients I tested were: floral nourishment, club soda, ice water, candy hearts, bleach, aspirin, white wine and copper coins.

Of course, some of the additives, like floral nourishment, sound a little more promising than others, while bleach sounds like it will just kill the roses quickly.

Of course, there’s only one way to find out – and I can guarantee that you’ll be amazed at what works best…

Watch the video below to find out:

Who would have thought that using copper coins would be the best way to keep roses fresh? Time to start collecting your pennies!

Don’t forget to share this simple trick with your loved ones so they can keep their roses looking beautiful!